Young Adult Career and Couples Class

Life Application Study,

Teachers: David Bearden, Jimmy and Carol Armistead,

Friends & Followers

Meets in Room 212, Life Application,

Discussion Class, mostly married couples,

Teachers: Travis Keeran

Hogan’s Heroes

Meets in room 112, Bible Study,

Discussion Class

Teacher: Shannon Hogan


Meets in room 204,

Bible Study /Scriptures

Teacher: Diane Wilson



Meets in first room off Sanctuary,

Bible Study, Discussion Class

Teacher: Bruce Myers

Dr. Bibb

Meets in room 207, Bible Discussion.

Teacher Pat Allen


Meets in room 206,

Bible Study/Scriptures

Teachers: Laurie Hadley, Nelson Boehms


Meets in 2nd Room off Sanctuary,

Adult Bible Study

Teachers: Karen Lee, Beverly Cook