Contact Janice Kelly at the church office to reserve the date for your wedding.


Marriage is a sacred trust, instituted of God, and signifies the mystical union which exists between two persons.  It is therefore to be entered into reverently, discretely, and in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.  Hilldale United Methodist Church provides a setting in which weddings may take place.  Hilldale places a high value upon the wedding as a spiritual act of God.  As an act of God, the wedding becomes much more than a ceremony or a happy moment.  It becomes a very sacred moment and a special divine experience of worship.

Normally, the Hilldale pastor shall be the minister to officiate in the wedding.  If any other minister is desired, this must be discussed with the pastor of Hilldale; and the couple must provide documentation that the visiting minister is an ordained minister.  The guest pastor must write the Hilldale Pastor seeking approval to officiate at the wedding.  It is not required that the Hilldale Pastor be part of the wedding ceremony when a visiting minister is officiating.

It is expected that the marriage ceremony will be conducted in a worshipful atmosphere and setting.  Weddings at Hilldale will be only worship experiences if they are to be in the sanctuary.  It is expected that the ceremony be approved in the United Methodist Tradition.  All things that take place in connection with the wedding will reflect the sacred nature of the event. The sanctuary is not just a pretty place to get married, but is holy sacred space of worship in which the couple come seeking the blessing of God & his church.


The church has facilities for a reception in the Christian Life Center or Heritage Hall.  Reservations for use of the area should be made at the same time you reserve the sanctuary for the wedding.  The caterer for the reception should provide all dishes and silverware.  There are no receptions for non-member weddings.


                                            Members       Non-Members

 Sanctuary                           No Fee            $300

 Wedding Coordinator         $75                  $75

 Sanctuary Cleaning            $50                  $75

CLC Usage Fee                 No Fee             NA

 CLC Cleaning Fee             $75                   NA

Updated 1/23/2013