Wonderful Wednesday – 6 pm

Knitting Prayer Shawls – Join Pastor Haley to make prayer shawls for shut-ins and anyone else who needs a little extra reminder of God’s love. Don’t know how to knit? No problem! Pastor Haley can teach you. Yarn and knitting needles provided. Crocheters are welcome. Please bring your own crochet hooks.

Bible Study – Diane Wilson will be continuing her study of the book of John

The Salvation of Dr. Who – Thomas Farley will lead you through this DVD based study that draws on the long-running TV show, Dr. Who. This study will chart the intersection of faith and science. Chapters include “Bigger on the Inside,” “God and Time and God’s Time,” “The Oldest Question in the Universe,” and “The Sonic Screwdriver is Mightier Than the Sword.”

United Methodist 101 – Pastor BJ Brack will lead you through an overall understanding of The United Methodist Church. You will explore what our church believes about certain issues, how the overall church works, find out where we fit in Christian history, and be challenged to think theologically and ask deep questions about the Bible, Methodist doctrine and your lives as people of faith.

Financial Peace – Wayne Dillon

Women’s Emmaus Reunion Group – Chicks for Christ

FUEL – Come and help us make FUEL bags that will help to feed children in our schools each Wednesday in the CLC at 6:00 pm

Lego Curriculum – Children’s Bible Study

Pray & Play/Chat & Chill – Jr. & Sr. High Youth

Please click the link below to sign up for a class. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f4bada62ba1f94-wonderful